EyesOnCS goes on…

As the EyesOnCS project concluded on December 31, 2023, the consortium of partners is now focusing on the dissemination and utilization of the project outcomes to ensure sustainability and widespread impact. The project's sustainability hinges on the accessibility and availability of its results, which include the Compendium (IO1), Cyber Alert Scenarios (IO2), and the game (IO3), all accessible through the project website, which will of course remain active (for the next 5 years at least).

Internally, partner institutions plan to incorporate the project activities and results into their training portfolios. For instance, FHM plans to integrate the developed results in their degree programs and for internal Cyber Security trainings. Effebi will promote and utilize the project outcomes in various meetings, conferences, and publications, including their magazine "BANCAinFORMAZIONE." ASW Academy and ASW North-Union aim to utilize the developed escape room game for SMEs within their network and incorporate the project results into their events and publications. Virtual Campus plans to develop the game further.

Externally, the partners plan to engage in Cyber Security forums and conferences and disseminate the project outcomes through their institutional social media accounts and websites. Efforts will be made to integrate the game into educational curricula and cybersecurity training programs through partnerships with educational institutions, cybersecurity organizations, and industry partners.

Through strategic dissemination and utilization efforts, the EyesOnCS project aims to have a lasting impact on cybersecurity education and training, both nationally and internationally.