5. Transnational Project Meeting in Porto, Portugal (invited by Virtual Campus)

Key stakeholders from the project partners converged in Porto, Portugal, for an intensive two-day final project meeting to review and plan the remaining to dos of the EyesOnCs project. Here's a concise summary of the discussions and outcomes:

Day 1:

The meeting kicked off with a comprehensive overview of the project's current status and objectives. Participants discussed achievements thus far, including successful Multiplier Events and progress on the project's three main outputs.

Subsequent sessions delved into specific aspects of the project, such as the finalization of the Compendium of Cyber Security Cases and the refinement of scenarios for enhancing cyber alertness. Strategies for integrating project components and maximizing learning outcomes were explored in depth.

The day concluded with a thorough review of the pilot testing results of the virtual escape room (IO3), with an emphasis on identifying areas for improvement and future development.

Day 2:

Day two commenced with discussions on dissemination strategies and plans for quality evaluation. Participants reviewed the project's dissemination plan to ensure effective outreach and engagement.

General project management and planning sessions followed, focusing on final activities, report preparation, and the impending project closure. Responsibilities were assigned, and deadlines were set to ensure timely completion of deliverables.

The meeting concluded with a reflection on the project's journey thus far and a shared commitment to achieving its objectives as the project approaches its final stages.

The final project meeting provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and chart a clear path forward for the EyesOnCs project.