4. Transnational Project Meeting in Essen, Germany (invited by ASW)

Essen, Germany, served as the vibrant backdrop for the fourth Transnational Project Meeting (TNPM) of the EyesOnCs project, held on June 27th, 2023. Hosted by ASW, this gathering convened key project members from partner institutions, marking another significant step towards our shared goals.

Participants from partner institutions FHM, Effebi, and Virtual Campus contributed to the discussions, with representatives joining both physically and virtually from Rome and Porto. ASW, as the host, ensured a seamless meeting experience with their participation.

The meeting agenda covered several crucial topics, with a focus on refining project outputs and documentation. One significant discussion revolved around Output 1, the Compendium of Cyber Security Cases. Attendees deliberated on final translations and proofreading, with particular attention to streamlining chapters for enhanced coherence. A decision was made to merge chapters one and six, with chapter six serving as the conclusion, emphasizing the human element as a critical vulnerability in cyber security. Plans were set for FHM to propose revisions, with subsequent integration into language versions and final proofreading.

Output 2, focusing on documentation and reporting, was also reviewed. The status quo was assessed, with preparations underway for the final documentation/report. Attendees confirmed completion of IO2, highlighting the distinctiveness of the game scenarios and affirming their readiness for publication.

As discussions progressed, there was a palpable sense of collaboration and commitment towards advancing the project's objectives. The meeting concluded with clear action items and plans for further collaboration, underscoring the project's momentum and dedication to enhancing cyber security awareness and practices.

A virtual meeting was planned for September in order to ensure the further development of IO3 as well as the smooth implementation of the piloting process.

With each TNPM, our EyesOnCs project moves closer to its goal of fostering a safer and more resilient digital landscape, thanks to the collective efforts and expertise of all participating partners.