3. Transnational Project Meeting in Porto, Portugal (invited by Virtual Campus)

In the historic city of Porto, Portugal, the third Transnational Project Meeting (TNPM) of the EU-funded project "Enhancing Cyber Security - Development of trainings using 'Escape Room' Model" (EyesOnCS) took place on November 26th and 27th, 2022, graciously hosted by Virtual Campus Ltd. This gathering brought together key project members from partner institutions, facilitating meaningful discussions and decisions.

Participants from partner instiutions FHM, Effebi, ASW, and Virtual Campus engaged in productive dialogue aimed at advancing the project objectives. Among the key agenda items were the refinement of project outputs and the exploration of various scenarios related to cyber alertness.

Output 1, the Compendium of Cyber Security Cases, underwent final adjustments, while Output 2's scenarios were carefully reviewed and discussed. ASW presented an overview of six scenarios under the theme of "Cyber Alertness," ranging from phishing to exploring the perspective of hackers. Collaborative decision-making led to progress in finalizing these scenarios for future development.

Output 3, the Virtual Training Escape Room model, received attention as Virtual Campus showcased graphical designs for one of the cyber security games. Partners provided valuable feedback to guide further development, aiming to create an engaging learning experience incorporating the identified scenarios.

Discussions extended to dissemination strategies, quality assurance measures, and project management aspects. Plans for social media content, newsletters, external evaluations, and progress reporting underscored the project's commitment to transparency and effectiveness.

As the meeting concluded, there was a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the project's future milestones. Through collective effort and collaboration, the EyesOnCS continues its journey towards enhancing digital security and resilience.