German Multiplier Event in Essen

The German Multiplier Event of the "EyesOnCs Enhancing Cyber Security – Development of training using the 'Escape Room' Mode" project, organized by the Akademie für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (ASW-Akademie), unfolded in a dynamic face-to-face modality at the "Girardet House" in Essen (Nordrhine-Westphalia) on June 26, 2023. Hosted within the office rooms of DextraData GmbH, the event, titled "Cyber-Security spielend erlernen" (Cyber-security – Learning by playing), drew 17 participants, ranging from 25 to 55 years old.

Besides the project members, 17 participants were present, who work for smaller and mid-sized enterprises in Nordrhine-Westphalia, primarily connected to e-learning and the IT sector. Notably, a participant from the German secret service (Landesverfassungsschutz NRW) added a unique perspective to the event, focusing on cyber-security.

The primary goal of the event was to introduce potential users to the EyesOnCs project and present the initial playable segments of the game. The audience had the opportunity to actively engage with Carlos Carvalho, Director of Virtual Campus, who demonstrated live the first playable steps of the game's Episode 1 within an interactive escape room setting.

Keynote speaker Uwe Röniger, CEO of mybreev GmbH, delivered a compelling presentation on "edutainment and the importance of learning by playing." With over 20 years of experience in the e-learning industry, Röniger's insights resonated with the audience, affirming the core concept of the EyesOnCs project.

The agenda for the event unfolded as follows:

  • 14:00 Get Together
  • 15:00 Welcome Speech - DextraData GmbH
  • 15:10 Project Presentation EyesOnCS - Prof. Dr. Manfred Leisenberg - FHM
  • 15:30 Live-Demonstration ESCAPE ROOM Carlos V. Carvalho - Director Virtual Campus
  • 16:30 Networking Break
  • 17:15 Edutainment and the importance of learning by playing – Uwe Röniger - CEO mybreev GmbH
  • 17:45 Discussion – Q&A
  • 18:15 Networking

Following the game presentation and live demonstration, participants engaged in lively discussions about cyber security and the effectiveness of learning by playing. The consensus was that a new learning approach is crucial in addressing cyber threats, especially in training company staff. The event facilitated networking opportunities, with many participants joining the project's LinkedIn community for ongoing engagement.

The feedback received from participants, as well as keynote speaker Uwe Röniger, proved invaluable. Numerous ideas and suggestions were incorporated into the game, enhancing its overall quality. The event marked a resounding success for both the EyesOnCs project and its participants, who appreciated the keynotes, discussions, and the overall organization.