EyesOnCS at the OIC.Progress

On 17.11.2023 we were able to present the EyesOnCS project on the OIC.Progress event in Bielefeld, a 10-hour open innovation conference with round about 250 national and international guest from various areas of society: business and associations, research and institutes, administration and politics, citizens and civil society. Numerous stakeholders from the innovation ecosystem came together in Bielefeld on 17 November 2023 for the final event of the four-and-a-half-year, third party-funded project “Open Innovation City Bielefeld”. The conclusion of the project should also be seen as the beginning of the continuation of the idea of Open Innovation in Bielefeld. How many and which stones were set in motion during the were set in motion during the course of the day of the innovation conference. More than 30 workshops, keynote speeches, keynote speeches and best-practice insights took the participants into the diversity of innovation.

EyesOnCS was part of the innovation exposition of the ecosystem representing an innovative research project of the department of research and development of the Fachhochschule des Mittestands (FHM). Guests were able to inform themselves about the project, exchange ideas with the project staff and to pilot the escape room. It was an enriching experience to get direct feedback from testers and represent an innovative project to this broad national and international audience. Through our presence we were able to inform on cyber security and the outcomes of our project to a very broad target group, from small SMEs to large corporations, from public administration officials to citizens, from students to VET teachers to university professors.